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Moatech Co., Ltd.

Moatech Co., Ltd.
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Moatech Co., Ltd.
74B-16L NamDong Estate, 644-15 Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon Korea
Contact name:
Jongkwan Lim , CEO

Moatech Co., Ltd.
Moatech Co., Ltd.
Welcome to Moatech Co., Ltd.

About Us

Moatech Co., Ltd. controls the quality from first developing stage to final production process by making the standard quality system.
Therefore, we maintain high quality and the best service which prevents beforehand on quality issue.

Further more, we are stepping forward to impress our customer by making "the products full of devotion and passion" and on same time, "the product which shows the characteristic of the maker".

Continuously, we will put our full efforts on "controlling the ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Moatech Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2003/12/16 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
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